Certificate in Hispanic Studies


Those students who in the Placement Test on the first day of the course have accredited sufficient knowledge of Spanish, inferior the intermediate level, will be in a position to take the ACCREDITATION IN HISPANIC STUDIES.

To obtain the Spanish Studies Accredditation, the students should take the hours corresponding to the annual Spanish Language Couse and pass the corresponding exam of the level that they have been assigned to (beginner or elementary).

Additionally, they should study and pass a minimum of 225h of culture courses. That is, a minimum of two culture courses of 90h and one of 45h; a course of 90h and three of 45h; or 5 courses of 45h.

The students that do not obtain the Spanish Studies accreditation will receive a certificate in which the corresponding qualifications and credits of the courses will be stated. In the event of failing a culture course, a certificate of assistance will still be given, in which the level and duration of the course will be stated.

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