How and when do I enrol?

Registration and enrolment are open throughout the year. However, places are limited. Hispanic Studies therefore reserves the right to refuse enrolment for courses that are already full, and to cancel courses for which not enough students have registered.

The following enrolment options are available:

Do I need to be a UB student to take a course organized by Hispanic Studies

It is not compulsory. Courses are open to anyone interested in learning Spanish and finding out more about Spanish culture.

Besides enrolment fees, what expenses will I have to pay (books, etc.)?

You will also need to buy the books for your course and level. The total cost is less than 50€.

Where are classes taught?

Our courses are taught at the following locations:

How can I find out my class times and classrooms?

The Secretary's Office publishes information on class times and classrooms on its noticeboard.

Do I have to take an exam to receive an academic certificate showing my credits and grades?

To obtain the academic certificate with the number of credits and grades, students must sit a final exam. If you pass, your grade will appear on the corresponding certificate.

What is the average age of students?

The minimum age for enrolment is 17-18. As a university, our students' average age tends to be around 20, although we receive students of all ages.

What services are available to Hispanic Studies students?

Information and advice
Computer room
Self-Access Language Learning Centre
Conversation exchange
Cultural activities

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