Spanish summer business course - Barcelona Mediterranean Metropolis

Barcelona, Mediterranean metropolis

Barcelona, Mediterranean metropolis (45 h)

The main objective of the course is to provide students with a general vision of the city of Barcelona, not only from an historic point of view but also artistic, literary or cinematographic. In the first term, students will see how the original Roman city grew to be a typical European medieval town and how, centuries later, it was the center of an artistic movement called the Modernism which change its appearance forever. In the second term, we will follow the steps of some of the writers or movie directors who fell in love with the city to learn how they understood it and will be also seeing the most important changes of the city, specially the Olimpic Games in 1992 to end up with the future Barcelona.

Course 2023-2024

Course 2023-2024

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Group: V1
Teacher: Bridgewater Mateu, Pol


In the first semester, each session will be presented with a power point that students will study and prepare, then we will put it together and define or clarify it with the teacher. Active participation of students is expected. 

The second semester will be more practical, we will watch some of the movies related to the city, study the music, etc.

An important part of the class will be guided visits to important monuments of Barcelona.


Exam: 40% 

Essay: 40% 

Attendance and participation: 20%


Barcelona, a European town 

• Barcelona, an introduction 

• Barcino, in the path of the Romans 

• Myths and legends of the Gothic Quarter 

• The ages of decadence 

• The geniuses century: a Bohemian and Modernist city

Barcelona, an international city 

• Barcelona opens to the world: Universal Exhibitions, Olympic Games and Cultures Forum • A movie set in the city 

• Barcelona and the music 

• Reading the streets of Barcelona 

• Future Barcelona


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HUGHES, R. (2004): Barcelona the Great Enchantress, Washington.

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