Business course - Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior (45 h)

This is an introductory course designed for students who want to gain a panoramic and holistic view of the field of Consumer Behaviour. No previous knowledge of the subject or marketing is required.  

The syllabus is divided into three clearly differentiated units, each focusing on a specific topic:

-        The basics, foundations, and applications of the interdisciplinary field of Consumer Behaviour. 

-        The internal, cognitive, and emotional motivations that drive individual consumers.

-        How external and exogenous influences ultimately affect buyers within the intricate societal structure, considering socioeconomic, generational, gender and cultural idiosyncrasies.

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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During the lecture sessions, the professor will provide all the essential theoretical tools, primary or secondary sources, and encourage students to participate actively in class discussions. As a final requirement, students will be expected to create their own case study, for which they will receive guidance and relevant bibliography from the professor during visiting hours. 


Attendance and participation - 20% 

*Case study - 80% 

*For the case study, students will be able to select from two options: a written analysis of how Consumer Behavior applies to an already existing company or to a potential new product of their choosing. In any case, for this task the student is obliged to do 6 hours of compulsory follow-up visiting hours with the professor.


• Introduction to Consumer Behavior 

• Internal motivations of Consumer Behavior 

• External influences on Consumer Behavior 


Consumer behavior: a European perspective, Salomon,Bamossy 2017  

International business & International Marketing, Willimans, L. Ebook Amazon 2017

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