Business course - Critical Skills for Managers of the Future

Critical skills for managers of the future

Critical skills for managers of the future (45 h)

Investing in developing soft skills is a wise decision for your career. The World Economic Forum predicts that rapid changes in business models will significantly impact the job market, widening the skill gaps for managers. Having the necessary skills in your toolbox will help you define your strategy and improve your chances of success. As a manager, it is crucial to reinforce these skills to avoid being displaced. In the face of disruptive changes, managers must acquire relevant business skills to help their teams work together seamlessly, inspire and motivate subordinates, solve problems, make informed decisions and activate creativity. 

This course offers an introduction to all the critical skills that future managers need to possess, such as negotiation, critical thinking, flexibility, and people management, among others. Students will be equipped with a global vision and the tools required to handle the challenges of the current disruptive era. The course will provide an in-depth understanding of new management capabilities, offering a learning-by-doing approach that will provide a broader perspective.

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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The course will consist of lectures and exercises that illustrate various management skills. We will focus on both technical and human aspects to understand the importance of the relationship between business and new management skills. The professor will upload lecture notes and supplementary materials to the course website at least one day prior to the scheduled lecture. 


Exam: 40% 

Essay: 40% 

Attendance and class participation: 20%


• Problem solving 

• Critical Thinking 

• Creativity 

• People Management 

• Coordinating with Others 

• Emotional Intelligence 

• Decision Making 

• Customer Orientation

• Negotiation 

• Flexibility


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