Business course - International Public Relations

International public relations

International public relations (45 h)

In this course, we will focus on international public relations as a form of strategic communication that aims to create and maintain beneficial connections between an organization – whether it’s a corporation, NGO, or government agency – and its audience in other countries.  

We will explore the functions of international public relations and the techniques used to achieve strategic goals based on the objectives and needs of each case. Specifically, we will analyze the conceptual factors of an organization’s environment in different countries that impact public relations activities. Having this basic knowledge will establish adequate public relations in varying global contexts.

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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Group: 10

The course methodology will be based on lectures, discussions, guest lectures, roleplaying, case analysis, problem-based learning, and seminars. Activities will be done individually or in small groups in class or at home. Students will be offered the theoretical foundations of the topics and complementary readings to deepen their knowledge of the contents.


Attendance and Participation in class: 10% 

Class activities: 10%  

Case study: 50%  

Final exam: 30%


• Functions of international public relations  

• Techniques for the application of international public relations  

• Globalization and its influence on international public relations  

• Impact of cultural differences on international public relations


Brunner B. Public relations theory: application and understanding. 1st edition. Brunner BR, editor. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2019.  

Curtin PA, Gaither TK. International public relations: negotiating culture, identity, and power. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications; 2007.  

Repez F. The importance of cultural diversity in the practice of international public relations. Bulletin of “carol i” national defense university. 2020;9(1):68–.

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