Culture course - Brands, reputation and new communication strategies I

Brands, reputation and new communication strategies I

Brands, reputation and new communication strategies I (45 h)

Communication has had a great evolution and transformation in recent years. The differences between marketing, advertising and communication and between brand and reputation are increasingly less clear: strategies have become intermingled and there is talk of global communication. Thus, a new way of communication has been created, marked by transversal features

The objective of this course is to know, analyze and study the keys to this new communication.

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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The program is structured in two weekly sessions of an hour and a half. In class, the topics and theoretical concepts will be presented, and there will be debates, multiple analyses of case studies, and individual and group activities.

In addition to the main bibliography, during the course other references will be recommended, and the required articles and videos that will be needed to work in class will be indicated.


- Attendance and participation in class: 20%
- Class activities: 30%
- Midterm exam: 20%
- Final paper: 30%


- Evolution of communication in Spain
- Brand image and reputation
- Brands and their relationship with the media
- New communication trends


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