Spanish language level C2


Course description

Spanish for Heritage Speakers is a special course within the area of Spanish as a foreign language. The course is aimed at native or near-native Spanish speakers living in non-Spanish speaking countries who wish to consolidate their linguistic competence, with a special emphasis on use of the language in highly formal contexts.



The main objective of the course is to develop oral and writing skills applicable to formal situations. Ultimately, it is intended that students will be able to use the Spanish language as a communication tool with competent ease in both university and professional settings.



  1. Speaking and writing in professional and academic contexts
    1. Rhetorical strategies in writing
    2. Oral rhetoric
  2. Short stories and presentations
    1. Additive discourse markers
    2. Causal discourse markers
    3. Punctuation: the comma
    4. Orthographic resources: accents
  3. Description
    1. Unifying devices
    2. Planning
    3. Punctuation: the full stop and the semicolon
    4. Orthographic resources: spelling and letters
  4. Instructions
    1. Discourse markers: organisers of information
    2. Consecutive discourse markers
    3. Objectification resources
    4. Punctuation: colons and ellipsis
    5. The norms of educated language
  5. Argumentative texts
    1. Counter-argumentative discourse markers
    2. Punctuation: dashes and brackets
    3. Lexical resources
    4. The norms of educated language
  6. Language in context
    1. Spanish in Spain and in America: history and the present day
    2. Myths surrounding the Spanish language
    3. Advertising and writing on the Internet
    4. Music and language
    5. Cinema and music
    6. How to produce a good summary
  7. Revision of written and oral texts



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