Spanish summer culture course - Barcelona in modern times

Barcelona in Modern times

Barcelona in Modern times (10 h)

The objective of this course of cultural immersion is to discover, learn and Understand the stages and periods that made the Roman Barcelona ―known as “Barcino”― the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan and modern city that we know today.

The syllabus combines classroom sessions (1 day a week) with city tours (2 days a week) for the students to understand both the historic evolution of the city and the artistic movements that shaped its current physiognomy. Due to the course topic’s extension, this course can be related to disciplines such as History, Art History and Town Planning.

 Minimum level of Spanish language required: All levels

Course 2023-2024

Course 2023-2024

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Group: V1
Teacher: Almirall Arnal, Elena


The students that need an evaluation will receive a certificate with the hours taken, the corresponding ECTS and a final grade with the following percentages:

80% Writing

20% Assessment

*The price of the examination/writing is included in the course price if the student also registers for the language course.


At the end of the course, the students will receive a certificate with the total of hours taken and the corresponding ECTS. 


This course includes practical sessions in which students will visit emblematic places in the city related to art in Catalonia.

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