Spanish culture course - Oral spanish in daily situations II

Oral Spanish in everyday situations II

Oral Spanish in everyday situations II (45 h)

During the sessions, students will find out in a practical way about the everyday, social, economic and cultural reality of Barcelona. The topics set out a pathway that will enable students to become familiar with life in Barcelona. In each one of the sessions, students will work on relevant communication functions for each topic, as well as prototypical language exponents. Texts and audiovisual material will be used to boost oral expression in the classroom.

Minimum level of Spanish language required: From Beginner 

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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Attendance and participation in class: 20%

First mid-semester examination: 40%

Second mid-semester examination: 40% 


• Unpicking clichés. What Barcelona ISN'T

o Communication objectives

o Talk about the clichés attributed to Barcelona.

o Compare opinions on the bad use of clichés.

• Barcelona: cosmopolitan, multicultural city

o Communication objectives

o Response to the definition of multiculturalism. o Give other definitions. o Talk about the recycling system and its operation.

• Savour food o Communication objectives

o Ask what ingredients and condiments are in a meal.

o Revise the specific vocabulary.

o Establish a customer/waiter conversation.

• Clothes and prices

o Communication objectives

o Compare the prices of clothes in Spain and other countries.

o Talk about the difference between “rebajas”, “descuentos” and “ofertas”.

o How to bargain.

• The public transport system (II)

o Communication objectives

o Talk about the differences between “ticket”, “billete” and “tarjeta”.

o Compare the public transport system in Spain with that of other countries.

• The healthcare system

o Communication objectives

o Talk about the difference between pharmacies and parapharmacies.

o Ask for medicines.

• Tourism outside the city

o Communication objectives

o Locate towns.

o Ask and say what you can do in each one.

o Talk about the typical products that are found in each one of them.

• Leisure: sports, shows, trips and leisure activities.

o Communication objectives

o Talk about the different types of leisure activities.

o Compare opinions.

• Colloquial expressions (II)

o Communication objectives

o Create communication situations with the expressions.


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QF (Guía), (2005), Comer, beber y divertirse, Barcelona, Guías QF? La Vanguardia.

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