Spanish course - Spanish language and discover Barcelona - 90h

Spanish language & culture

Spanish language & culture (90 h)

Discover Barcelona while improve your level of Spanish. This University of Barcelona’s Hispanic Studies course gives you a unique opportunity to get to know Barcelona by taking walks with your teachers and classmates through the most emblematic places in the city, while raising your level and command of Spanish.

 Perfect for foreigners who want to immerse themselves in Barcelona culture, this language and culture course combines theoretical classes in the mornings with visits to the most important and emblematic places in Barcelona in the afternoons. Live the full experience!

Hispanic Studies is the institution of the University of Barcelona that has been dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and culture to foreign students for more than sixty years. Throughout the academic year, it offers a wide variety of language and culture courses, taught by teachers specialized in this type of teaching.

Course 2023-2024

Course 2023-2024

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Hispanic Studies offers five language levels that are further divided depending on students' starting point and the time required to pass the levels:  

- A1 (CEFR)  

- A2.1 (CEFR)  

- A2.2 (CEFR) 

- B1.1 (CEFR)  

- B1.2 (CEFR)  

- B2.1 (CEFR)  

- B2.2 (CEFR)  

- C1.1 (CEFR)  

- C1.2 (CEFR)  

- C2 (CEFR)*Proficiency: particularly aimed at heritage speakers.  

The syllabus of each level may be found here.


80% Writing

20% Assessment

*The price of the examination/writing is included in the course price if the student also registers for the language course.


At the end of all the courses, students will receive a certificate with the number of hours completed, the language level and the corresponding ECTS credit load. Additionally, students can receive accreditation of their language level by means of a test, for which an examination fee is charged. Students who require a more complete assessment will receive a mark calculated as follows:

80% Written exam *

20% Progress made (attendance, homework, participation in class, etc.)

*To receive the accreditation they must register and pass the final exam.


It is a three-session course of 3.15 hours, one per week. It aims to provide an overview of the city by visiting its most emblematic areas and discovering some of its secrets. The sessions will be in Spanish, adapting the language level to that of the students. Visits will be held on Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. 

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