Spanish culture course - comprehension and writing in spanish II

Understanding and Writing in Spanish II

Understanding and Writing in Spanish II (45 h)

 During the course, students will work on the acquisition of strategies to interpret and construct written texts of different types and genres, with an emphasis on processes of reading comprehension, planning, writing and review.

Minimum level of Spanish language required: From Beginner

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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Writing is the result of a complex process to capture an idea so that it can be interpreted by the intended reader. With this objective, in each session a specific model of text is observed and analysed, and a text with similar characteristics is drawn up. During the sessions, students will carry out reading activities and analyse written texts, and undertake tasks relating to the planning, development, and organisation of ideas. In addition, there will be a focus on the use of connectors and the distribution of content in paragraphs. 


Attendance and participation in class: 20%

Text produced or rewritten during the course: 50%

Exam/final text: 30% 


• Text types and genres

o Descriptive text. Objective and subjective description

o Narrative texts: logbooks

o Expository-argumentative texts: specialised articles

o Argumentative text: letters to the editor; opinion columns

o The text of dialogue: journalistic interviews

o The professional environment: electronic mails

• Interpretation and construction of texts II

o Analytical reading and the structure of the text: read like a writer

o Adaptation to the communication objective: write with the reader in mind

o Planning: from a rain of ideas to concept maps

o Composition: from the sentence to the paragraph, from the paragraph to the text

o Revision: style and spelling

• Read and write in line I

• Connective resources II

o Connectors for structuring information

o The argument operators o Counter-argumentative connectors

• Discourse strategies II o Subjectifying strategies in the interpretation and production of texts

• Register

o Text interpretation: adaptation to the communication situation

o Text production: lexical precision 


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