Spanish course - Year-long Spanish Language course - 220h

Year-long Spanish language course

Year-long Spanish language course (220 h)

Spanish language courses are adapted to the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and programmes are based on the Cervantes Institute Curricular Plan (PCIC). In the classes, work on grammar points is closely associated with language practice, in a communicative, dynamic, flexible framework. 

Hispanic Studies is a University of Barcelona institution that has focused on teaching Spanish language and culture to international students for over sixty years. Throughout the academic year, it offers a wide range of language and culture courses. 

Group levels  

Students will be put into groups at the five language levels, through a Spanish level test taken at the start of the course.

Course 2024-2025

Course 2024-2025

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Hispanic Studies offers five language levels that are further divided depending on students' starting point and the time required to pass the levels:  

- A1 (CEFR)  

- A2.1 (CEFR)  

- A2.2 (CEFR) 

- B1.1 (CEFR)  

- B1.2 (CEFR)  

- B2.1 (CEFR)  

- B2.2 (CEFR)  

- C1.1 (CEFR)  

- C1.2 (CEFR)  

- C2 (CEFR)*Proficiency: particularly aimed at heritage speakers.  

The syllabus of each level may be found here.


Hispanic Studies courses provide European Union university accreditation, based on the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS). 


The year-long (220 h) courses shall be assessed as follows:  

Class mark: 20% - Language tests: at least 3 graded tests  

- Compositions: at least 3 graded assignments 

- Oral presentations: at least 1 graded assignment  

- Class participation  

Final examination: 80%  

- Oral examination  

- Written examination  

- Grammar examination  

- Listening comprehension, reading comprehension and vocabulary examination  

In the year-long course, the grade for the autumn course shall be worth 30% of the final grade; and the grade for the spring course shall be worth 70% of the final grade.


Students must attend at least 80% of classes. If they do not meet the attendance requirement, they may lose up to 10% of their final grade (class work + final exam).  


The marking system used by Hispanic Studies ranges from 0 to 10 points. It is used to grade class assignments and tests, as well as the final examination.


9 - 10 Excellent  

7 - 8.9 Good  

5 - 6.9 Pass  

0 - 4.9 Fail 


To get the most out of the courses, students need to attend classes regularly and participate actively, take the tests during the course, and dedicate a certain amount of time to individual study


Throughout the course, Hispanic Studies organizes complementary activities relating to Spanish language and culture to enhance knowledge of the linguistic and cultural environment of Catalonia and of the countries of the students who participate in the courses. 

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