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Spanish language intensive courses for students of the Erasmus program of the University of Barcelona are offered three times in an academic year. There is a reduced price for University of Barcelona students. Registration takes place in the Estudios Hispánicos offices on designated days after a placement test has been completed on the first day of the course.

Course information can be found in the news section of the Estudios Hispánicos webpage. Further information is available by contacting: eh.informacion@ub.edu.

Erasmus Course Overview

This course of 40 hours is designed specifically for university Erasmus program students. Classes use materials specially developed to cover specific needs and focus on extending the speaking and comprehension skills needed to follow classes at university. The groups are organized by level.

At the end of the course there is a final exam. Students who pass the final exam are eligible to obtain 5 ECTS (elective) credits.

The courses are partially subsidized by the University of Barcelona. The price for the students is 181€.

Course certificate

The course certificate specifies course dates, the number of contact hours, language level obtained, final grade and ECTS credits. In the case of not passing the exam, an attendance certificate is issued.


Students must attend at least 80% of classes; in the case of not fulfilling attendance requirements, up to 10% of the final result can be penalized.

Placement test

The placement test has to be done online, before the course begins, through the university virtual campus. To access the campus you will need your NIUB number (this number is assigned in the moment of registration in the Faculty), and ask for the student guide in the following e-mail: eh.informacion@ub.edu.

If you have not registered in your Faculty yet, contact with us to request day and time to do the test.

Additional information

As a result of the situation caused by Covid-19, the Spanish language course for the Erasmus students from the University of Barcelona could have to turn to mixed-modality teaching (face-to-face and videoconference) or videoconference course. In this way, the personal attention of the teachers would be maintained and the class materials would be posted in the virtual campus. The courses would continue.


Courses from October to December 2022
Registration: September 2022 29th- October 4th
Classes: October 2022 17th – December 15th.
Final exam: The last day of class.

Courses from February to April 2023
Registration: February 2023 9th-14th
Classes: February 2023 27th- April 27th. Holy week, April 3rd -11st
Final exam: The last day of class.

These 1,5 hours classes are held 4 days a week. Timetables may vary depending on location, levels offered and students’ university timetables. This information will be published once placement testing has been completed. Classes are normally held in the afternoon from 2pm.

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